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months of counting down has finally paid off!

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Ever since Tania and I booked this trip, I must admit that I secretly began to count the weeks, but as things progressed and months went by, things got busier at work and I sort of lost track of the whole idea of me going to Ecuador and instead I completely focused on my job and family things, that is, till a few weeks before our departure. Suddenly that strange tingling sensation, that feeling you get (or at least I get) when you are about to go on holiday came back to me and as it got closer and closer to our departure date, I got really excited once again. I guess I could say that the final countdown had really begun!

Although our flight to Quito leaves tomorrow early in the morning, I still managed to get a day off from work to get all my stuff ready and after sleeping in, I packed my bags, made sure all my finances were arranged and as soon as lunch was over, my brother came along to bring me to Schelle, to the parental home of Tania, so that we could leave together to Hoofddorp, the place where we booked our hotel for an overnight stay.

Since we didn’t want to drive during rush hour, Tania’s mum arranged dinner for us and as soon as our delicious 3 meal course was over, we drove of in the early evening, only to arrive in the neighborhood of Amsterdam about 2 hours later.

The entire trip was smooth sailing, that is till we reached the capital of the Netherlands!

Driving on GPS is fun as long as you are driving in the right direction, but for some reason Tania’s GPS got all crazy on us once we were in the area of Amsterdam. It has been already quite a few years since she is the pride owner of that GPS and although she updated it several times, the constant arrival of new highways didn’t make things easier and for some reason we sort of got sidetracked, which basically meant that in a way we had a little detour, which we both positively called sightseeing by night!

I really have no idea where we were and maybe in the daytime you have a better view on things, but at night when there are but a few lights, things get really funny that way and after driving for maybe a little bit more than half an hour in the wrong direction, we finally found our hotel and although the last kilometers of our trip were a bit hard to digest, once we were checked in and got the keys to our room, we were happy campers all over again.

We made it, tired but with a smile on our face, we looked forward to tomorrow and after a hot cup of tea and a shower I was more than ready to hit the sack!

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