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day tripping in and around San Christobal

As our alarm clock went off at about 7 AM, I still felt a little bit tired, but the prospect of all the beautiful things we were about to see, made sure I jumped out of bed with a big smile on my face. As soon as I got dressed, had a bit of food into my system as well as that unavoidable sea sickness pill, I only needed my flippers and I was as good as ready!

It seemed that not only me and Tania were looking forward to this trip, even the rest of our group had a smile on their face and as we walked towards the harbor to catch our boat, the local sea lions where there as well to wish us a very pleasant trip.

Since we are such a large group, we weren’t able to fit into one boat, so the travel agency divided us into two groups, of which one consisted out of 18 people and a smaller one of about 6 people. Me and Tania, together with 4 others were going to be the small group and since our little group consisted out of likeminded people, I knew this was going to be a perfect morning.

As soon as we set out sailing and left the harbor behind us, we sailed a bit around the island as we were looking out for some birdlife and we weren’t disappointed coz even after sailing for about 15 minutes, we saw our first frigate birds, herons, pelicans and even blue footed boobies! 

It took us about an hour to reach the small islet of Isla Lobos and although it is but a small one, our guide was more than lyrical about not only the birdlife we were going to see as well as the other amazing animals living in this area. As soon as we set foot ashore, we were greeted by a few small marine iguanas and thanks to the interesting words of our guide, we soon learned more about this species, as well as loads of others as we crossed a rough nest of a frigate bird in one the many low trees. As if this wasn’t amazing enough, standing not more than a meter away from a peculiar looking blue footed booby was more than awesome and unreal at the same time as well!


While we were walking on the islet, it was like if we were walking through a zoo without the usual cages coz not only did we encounter about a dozen of local birds in the air and on the ground, we even had fun watching a sea lion colony basking in the sun, saw a frigate bird inflating his red throat sac for a female, a mother blue footed booby protecting her chick and last but not least an iguana showing off and pretending he was bigger than us humans … all in all a more than successful morning.


Upon our arrival back on the boat, the crew did their best to provide us a few simple snacks so that we had a bit of food into our system before we could start the second part of our program which was a short snorkeling trip around the islet.

Although I was a bit afraid of the cold water, I was more than pleasantly surprised to notice that the water was actually warm, which sadly enough was another “El Nino" phenomenon and just because of this reason it was a bit difficult to see all the fish. Nevertheless, I had the time of my life and although at times it was a bit difficult to see the smaller examples, the big ones like for example the parrot fish and such were more than recognizable and when you actually have the opportunity to swim alongside some local sea lions, you know this counts as a day you will never forget … this was definitely such a day. Once back on board after more than an hour of snorkeling, we were spoiled rotten again by our crew who provided a simple yet yummy lunch of rice, chicken and some greens. Just before we went back to the harbor again, our captain dropped us off at a small white sandy beach, where we could bask in the sun as well as the sea lions who showed us how to do it … this was definitely worth getting sunburned, that’s for sure!


As we arrived back into our hotel room, we saw no sign of “el Jefe” and as soon as we changed into some other clothes and left our swimmers to dry in the bathroom, we were on our way again for an afternoon into the highlands.
 We started out booking this trip with just three persons, being me, Tania and Bert, but by the time we arrived at the diving shop, we had 3 more followers and with the six of us, we drove off towards the centre of the island which is also known as the “highland" and although the weather was nice and sunny when we left the town, as soon as we were driving towards the middle of the island, this all changed for the worse, which unabled us to see the infamous El Junco lagoon which sadly enough was covered with fog. How sad this actually was, there were still some other things to see and instead of mourning about this one thing, we drove further into the centre and visited the Galapaguera Tortoise Center where we not only had the pleasure of seeing some giant turtles, but at the same time learned a little bit more about these gentle giants.

As soon as we said goodbye to these cute animals, we had one more stop at Puerto Chino beach, which is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches of the islands and although it would have been nice to go for a swim, by the time we arrived, the sun was almost setting so instead we just admired the beauty that surrounded us.


It was already pretty dark when we arrived back in town and since we didn’t had anything to eat except on the boat, we were pretty hungry as well. We started out looking for something suitable to eat but for some reason ended back at the pizza place we had such great food yesterday and instead of going for a second round of pizza, this time we went for a delicious burger and a dessert as well. 

The three of us were just so intrigued when we read that they’d had a lava cake on offer that we had to try it and OMG, this was just to die for and if I have to be honest, this was definitely the best dessert I had throughout this entire holiday here in South America!

With our tummies filled, we strolled for a while through the main street and visited a few souvenir shops before heading back towards our room, where we once again had a small encounter not only with “el Jefe” but with his friend “el Capitan” as well … before we went to bed making sure our 2 roommates were secured into a dark place, we managed to get packed as well and this all before the clock turned 12 PM. The only thing we could dream of was that our roaches would turn into a couple of princes, but I guess that would be a very strange fairy tale, so instead I just closed my eyes and hoped I would survive our island crossing in the morning!

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bye bye mainland … islands here I come!

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Sleeping in can really be a joy, but although we still had enough of time before our flight towards the Galapagos Islands and to be more specific San Cristobal, we still didn’t want to sleep the entire morning away, so after having a delicious breakfast, the both of us just crossed the street, to have one more look at the iguanas.

Early in the morning, even the iguanas are still fast asleep, so the only thing I could conclude without any doubt is that they indeed aren’t morning animals. 

Together with a few others from our group it became a real challenge in spotting some iguanas and even after a few minutes of searching, we did actually find a few, but since they aren’t so active in the morning, we just left them be and had a quick peek at the cathedral which was jam-packed on this early Sunday morning. People here in the country are still very much religious unlike our own home country and even unlike our own tiny village where the church is mostly empty, here families were singing, having a conversation with their neighbors or even were full of admiration because of the words of the priest … I guess if we at home just had a little bit of the atmosphere that was hanging around this cathedral, I guess our churches wouldn’t be so empty, but that is just my opinion of course!

With the sun on our heads, Seminario Park was just the ultimate place to spend a morning. While music was coming out of the cathedral, we had one last look at the sleeping iguanas before we headed back towards the hotel where we met with the rest of our group at 11 AM. Sadly enough the time to say goodbye to this country was more than real and as soon as we arrived at the airport of Guayaquil, we as well had to say goodbye to our trusty driver Manuel and our "weird but trying to do his best” tour leader Freddy!

Although most of the time, checking in goes really smoothly, this time however, we experienced something completely different. To enter the islands, one needs to go through a whole checklist of things and they even ask to preregister. Normally we had to do this ourselves, but the travel agency where we booked our expensive day trip told us they would do it for us, so while we all were thinking, this was going to be an easy trip, it turned out completely different coz as soon as Freddy wanted to check us in, he discovered that nothing was done at all … should I say something like “TYPICAL” ???

I could see Freddy turn almost green with anger and although during the last few weeks, we weren’t always agreeing with him, for once we all felt a little bit sorry coz after all, this wasn’t really his fault. Luckily he managed to set things right and after waiting at the check-in area for a little more than an hour, we were all cleared to go and could enjoy the remainder of the time watching our plane arrive and even after heaving a little bit more patient, board it as well.

The flight from Guayaquil to San Cristobal wasn’t all that long but after spending two hours on the plane watching some kind of funny show while eating a few snacks, I was more than glad to arrive at the airport where luckily enough, things for once did go smoothly unlike what they warned us for!


Upon our arrival, the sun was shining and for the very first time, even the heat came to greet us, something which was quite a bit overwhelming, but on the other hand … something to look forward to as well. San Cristobal airport isn’t that far away from the centre of town as well. I guess we must have been driving for about 15 minutes, coming from the airport, having a quick tour around town and getting back to our hotel … although I must admit that I was surprised to see the island much more inhabited than first expected, the laid-back lifestyle on the islands can’t be missed and in the end this is the perfect way to end your holiday!

It seemed quite an organization getting our rooms, but once we've all got settled, we could enjoy the remainder of the day and go out and explore the harbour of Baquerizo Moreno, which is also considered to be the capital of the Galapagos province. 

Since it was already past 3 PM in the afternoon, the both of us first went on the lookout for a bit of food before we said hello to the more than dozen sea lions we encountered on our way. Maybe the people on the island are used to it, but for us tourists it is more than funny to see those animals just lying in the middle of the streets or next to a shop or tree or whatever … for some reason I really could get used to this laid-back way of living!



While the rest of our group went out for a few hours of snorkeling, me and Tania weren’t so much in the mood for going into the cold water and instead we decided to walk up all the way to "La Loberia". According to Tania’s travel guide, this was such a beautiful long white beach very much known for its sea lions and marine iguanas as well as turtles … so what was not to like.

Full of enthusiasm, the both of us left the centre of town and walked in the direction of the airport, which to our surprise could easily be reached on foot within half an hour walking … this sounds all so unreal, but finding the right way towards the beach was something unreal as well. We didn’t really had a good map and every time we asked people for directions they tried to help us, but the language seemed to be the biggest problem coz on the islands they speak more dialect than an the mainland, but with a lot of pointing and sign language, in the end we did managed to get into the right direction.

I must admit from time to time I had my doubts, but thanks to the perseverance of my buddy and after walking a little bit over an hour, we did manage to reach the beach of La Loberia!

Along the way we stumbled upon Bert, another member of our group and with the three of us, we first had a nice walk along the shore when all of a sudden Tania spotted our first marine iguana and to be honest, I was just over the moon since this was the animal I wanted to see the most. They are just so interesting and although there weren’t too many lying on the rocks, even the few ones we saw, were so amazing that it completely made my day!


Seeing marine iguanas was the highlight of the day, but as we walked further along the shore ending up at the beach itself, didn’t prepare me for the second highlight as we saw an entire colony of sea lions basking in the evening sun, “running” after one another and playing in the water as well as little pups crying out for their moms. This last one was a bit heartbreaking to be honest and till this day I can honestly say this one made such an impact on me that it brings tears into my eyes every time I think about it. 


Due to the "El Nino" phenomenon, almost half of the pups loose their lives because the mom don't return from to sea and since a pup can’t be raised by another sea lion it eventually dies … I know nature is beautiful but cruel at the same time and sadly enough walking along the beach of La Loberia, this proof was seen from time to time when you walked closer to the rocks and found a little one death between them. Joy and sorrow seemed to be two things which are really related to each other when you come to think about it!

As the sun was setting, the three of us walked back towards the harbor, still very much impressed with all the things we saw. By the time it was almost dark, we arrived at the local dive shop and got our flippers for our trip tomorrow morning and unintentionally left the place feeling quite happy as we also booked an afternoon trip towards the highlands.

Since it was already way past 7 PM, we went in search for some comfort food, which we were in need for after all the experiences of this day and found this at the local pizzeria which served amazing yummy pizzas. In a way this turned out a perfect ending to a rather amazing day and after our little walk to the harbor and one last look at the sea lions, we walked back to our hotel. Although it was only 10 PM, I was completely knackered and by the time we got showered and won the fight against “el Jefe”, our room cockroach, we just went to bed … hoping “el Jefe” wasn’t in the mood for a room party!

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last day on the mainland

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A good night’s rest really can do miracles and somehow I must have been more tired than I initially thought coz I didn’t even hear our alarm clock go off at 6 AM. So instead of jumping out of bed like yesterday, I just snoozed for a little while till it was actually time to get out of bed and as soon as I got dressed and put all my stuff in my luggage, I was more than curious how this day would end.

Just like yesterday, breakfast was not something to boast about, but the hotel owner did his best and besides yet again giving us some stale bread, he offered us a freshly squeezed juice as well as scrambled eggs, so I cannot say that he didn’t tried!

Promptly at 8 AM we left Cuenca behind us and as soon as we were on the road again, we were in for quite a drive. Our main goal for today was Guayaquil where we should arrive late this afternoon, but not before we had one last view on Las Cajas National park. We had a quick photo stop at the viewing point of "Tres Cruzes" and unlike yesterday, the weather today was extremely cold, but than again, maybe the altitude of more than 4100 meters could have something to do with things as well and as soon as I had one last look at the beautiful lakes and mountains, I hurried inside the bus again where it was warm and cozy.


Back on the road again, we went for a drive of nearly 3 hours and although we past through loads of interesting villages, I somehow lost the fight against mr. sleep and dozed off, only to wake up again when we had our first technical stop at a local gas station. As soon as I got out, I was surprised to notice that the cold and dry climate I was used to during the last week, had changed into wet and humid atmosphere and I don’t exactly can say that I liked that!

Luckily it was but a short stopover and as soon as we were all back in the bus, some of us with more than enough snacks to secure the second part of our drive, we were only an hours drive away from our lunch place at a small cacao plantation.


Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by the family and instead of going for lunch straight away, we first had a small walk on the plantation where we learned more about the plant itself as well as the product. Being a Belgian, I know all about chocolate and of course I can say I am a little bit addicted to it and why shouldn’t I be, it is the most delicious thing there is, but when you see the cacao beans and the process how it is turned into rough chocolate, that is something entirely different and I don’t even mind the fact that there is some kind of rotting process involved … I am still proud to be a chocoholic!

After the little presentation of the cacao bean, we were invited for lunch which was nothing to classy but it was just really good. At first there was a bit of a misunderstanding since I am allergic to seafood. Don’t get me wrong I love eating fish, but I cannot eat shellfish without a trip to the hospital and as the dish of the day was shrimps with rice and something more, I sadly enough had to refuse it. The man of the house seemed a bit disappointed and thought I didn’t like his food, which wasn’t the case and thanks to the better knowledge of Spanish from my buddy, she was able to explain why I couldn’t eat it and although I had to wait for quite a while, even thinking that I had to skip lunch all together, they made a vegetarian dish just for me … how sweet and with a big smile on my face I told them their food was awesome, which it really was!

Sadly enough, we couldn’t stay at the plantation for ever, so as soon as we were all ready to leave, we went back on the bus for our last stretch of the road, all the way to the largest city of the country … Guayaquil, where we arrived about 2 hours later. As soon as we arrived at our hotel, we first got a bit of time for ourselves and although it sounded really appealing to go for that shower, I just instead went for a change of clothes … out with the long trousers and in with the shorts … it was just such a change to go from cold to hot, but than again … I am not complaining at all!

Guayaquil is besides the largest city of the country, the most densely populated one as well and as soon as you arrive at the city, you know that the Wikipedia writers weren’t wrong. Upon our arrival in the late afternoon, we first had a short walk through the small park across our hotel, which is known for its iguanas before Manuel took us to the Santa Ana Hill from where you have an awesome view on Guayaquil. It is a bit of a challenge to walk the stairs, but the atmosphere on the hill is just so nice that for some reason I didn’t even believed that Guayaquil is also known as a dangerous place. Maybe that explains why at the tourist spots there are so many police officers and guards walking around, where there is smoke …


Going down from the Santa Ana Hill, we walked most of the boulevard or Malecon as it is called in Spanish, which because of the Holiday Season, changed into one gigantic Christmas decor and although most of group members thought it was odd, me and Tania loved every minute of it and the both of us really got into the Christmas spirit, much to the dislike of our group members. Since we were the two only Belgians in the group between nothing else but Dutch people, we were the odd ones so to speak and here in Guayaquil it turned out once again that despite the fact we speak the same language, we are two different nationalities … you can’t blame us for having fun!


As soon as the clock turned 8 PM, we were all set for our last dinner together and since we were all looking forward to some yummy food, our tour leader Freddy, once again made his final mistake and took us to a very local restaurant, where the waiters only spoke Spanish and the food was more than traditional. On itself this isn’t too big of a problem, but on the other hand, the majority of our group wasn’t used to eating that food, so even after spending more than 2 weeks with us, he still didn’t know his people … kind of strange, but on the other hand, so typical as well. Not knowing what to expect, we made the most of it and although it wasn’t exactly the best moment of our holiday, we still had a pleasant time, but by the time it was midnight, the both of us as well as a few others, called it a night and just went back to our hotel, which was only a few meters away. 

Once we were back in our room, I still needed to pack all of my stuff and although I managed to get everything into my bag in record time, by the time I was finished, it was already way past 1 PM. Completely knackered after such a long day, the prospect of sleeping in tomorrow was the only thing I could think of before my head touched my pillow and I went of to dreamland.

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we truly live on a beautiful planet

After an entire night of tossing and turning and hoping that the ice would work, I was more than glad to hear our alarm clock go off at 7 AM. For once in a long time, I literally jumped out of bed and I was just so glad to see that my ankle, although still a little bit swollen, was not in such a bad shape that I couldn’t put on my walking shoes … Las Cajas NP here I come!

Breakfast, which is basically the most important meal of the day, wasn’t exactly something to look forward to after one look at the stale bread, the sugary jam as well as the strong black coffee. Not my idea of a great first start of the day and after I finally got a bit of tea, I just had one bite of the stuff and decided that for once, it wasn’t too big of a problem to skip breakfast all together. Although the start of the day wasn’t all that good, I was more than glad to see our guide arrive so that we could finally leave for our morning walk. 

Today we were going to visit Las Cajas NP, which is situated about 30 KM west of Cuenca and after one quick stop along the road for some snacks, we were more than ready for our walk through this amazing park with more than 250 altitude lakes.


According to Freddy, this was going to be a fairly easy walk, since we were going to leave at a hight of 3500 meters and slowly work our way down, only to be picked up again by Manuel a few hours later and a few kilometers down the road. I must admit that in the beginning I was a bit suspicious when our fearless leader said something like this, but after our start at the entrance of the park, we just walked around an enormous but beautiful lake where our guide told us all about the indigenous trees, plants and flowers. Some of them were just so tiny that we had a hard time looking for them.

It must have been more than half an hour into the walk, when we suddenly changed from flat terrain to a more hilly one and although this wasn’t too big of a problem for me, Tania and a few others of our group, some people weren’t really up for such a challenge, not even for what was coming up next.


After climbing a few rocks and even some more while at the same time having a great view on a few lakes as well, we all of a sudden came across an polylepis forest, which is also better know as a “paper tree” forest. The trees on itself looked like they were death, but in fact they were quite alive and although I loved the spooky feel as well as the challenge of going down through the trees, I guess a few members of our group didn’t agree with me as I heard some swear words coming from the back of the group. Once we were back in open terrain, we saw nothing else but one rocky hill after another and even a few falls as well and while I was having the time of my live and loving every moment, others were almost bursting in tears and asking themselves why on earth they’d come along and the only thing I could think of was … FREDDY!!!!

It seemed that once again he misguided us and at the same time made sure we were all victims because the weaker ones weren’t able to follow the stronger ones, which resulted in loosing precious time more than you could think of and instead of just having a morning walk, it turned out we were going to have an early afternoon one as well.

While Tania went along with our guide and a few other members of our group, i just stayed behind and helped the slower ones with getting up the rocks and down the rocks again and all the while I didn’t hear a peep coming out of the mouth of our fearless leader. He wasn’t happy, but to be honest, the rest of the group wasn’t either and this was just such a shame coz we were walking in one of the most beautiful parks I had ever seen and although the circumstances weren’t at their best, I just made the most of it and enjoyed every minute of it while trying to cheer up the slower ones of our group.

It must have been an hour later when I even had to leave them behind coz they were just so slow and although I stopped to watch every 15 minutes to see if they were still moving, another member of our group took over my task, which enabled me to go and seek up the first ones of our group and our guide with whom I caught up again at a local swamp, which on itself was quite a challenge getting through!


As we were already more than 3 hours into the walk, at a given moment I was glad that our guide told us that we were almost at the finish, not for me of course coz I loved it so much and I am sure that some had the same mentality, but somehow their was a bad vibe hanging around our group and this wasn’t necessarily good for the team spirit and after we’d overcome that last muddy and rocky hill, we finally saw our bus and Manuel again … more than 2 hours later as planned. Once back in the bus, we were all tired and as our guide told us we just had walked 8.4 kilometers, I must admit that I was proud that I still had the perseverance of walking such a distance on this altitude without too much of a problem.

At 4 PM, we arrived back in the city and as soon as me and my buddy were back into our room and had a change of clothes and footwear , we could finally go out and discover this colonial city of which its historic center is proclaimed to be an Unesco World Heritage Site. Cuenca is really a beautiful city and I was a bit amazed to see so many churches. People in this part of the world are really religious or they have so many sins that they need all the churches! Whatever the case, you can’t ignore them, even if you try!


By the time it was 9 PM, the both of us had gone through more than many streets, visited more than enough churches and had a fantastic dinner in the process, so instead of keep on walking through the dark streets, we just called it quits and had an early night. Since I didn’t had too much sleep last night, I didn’t mind one bit and while Tania was checking her mails, I turned off my light and went to sleep!

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the longest day

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My gosh, how on earth can a person feel so bad? It is just so weird since there wasn’t even a bit of alcohol involved, but by the time it was 6 AM, I still felt like a zombie. I guess I can only blame it on the mosquito bites coz for some reason, the more I got, the lazier I become and although I know that only the tsetse fly can spread sleeping sickness, I somehow wonder if this isn’t the case for the Ecuadorian mosquito as well? 

Since I am not a scientist, I can’t say for sure, but luckily, as soon as I got some food into my system, my zombie mode slowly disappeared and by the time I got my luggage out of the room and into the bus, I was more than ready for another day on the road.

Today we were going to have a very long bus ride ahead of us coz we were going to drive all the way towards Cuenca, our end destination of the day, but not before we had a few “sightseeing” stops along the way of course. 3 hours into the drive and a few photo stops and a technical stop later, we finally arrived at Alausi, which is basically just a very small town like many others in Ecuador if it wasn’t so known not only for its patron saint Saint Peter but for their train station as well. Alausi, is the starting-off point for the infamous train ride towards the Devil’s Nose. If this doesn’t sound ominous enough, the Spanish name “Nariz del Diablo” will do the trick for sure!


Ecuador’s train system is quite remarkable to say the least coz in the late 1800’s - early 1900’s, they finally were able to link the coastal city of Guayaquil with the capital Quito after overcoming many obstacles at a mountainside known to the locals as “the Condor’s Aerie”.  This section of the track was quickly renamed “the Devil’s Nose” because of the many deaths among the workers, who where building the connection and for that same reason, till this day, it is called the most difficult railway in the world!

Sadly enough because of many frequent delays and derailments, as well as El Nino-related weather, most of the tracks were devastated, but the 12-km stretch from Alausi to Sibambe still remained, allowing people to go out and seek up this “death defying mountain” which can only be reached through a series of tight zigzags carved out of the rock.


The two and a half hours train ride back and forth towards Sibambe was quite interesting and although it was a bit sad that we couldn’t sit on the rooftop of the train anymore, we still were able to see some beautiful landscapes and together with some traditional dancing during our quick stop in Pistishi, it turned out to be more than an interesting morning. Upon our arrival back in Alausi, we quickly hurried towards Manuel and our bus, not only because we still had a long road trip ahead of us, but secondly because we also wanted to see the ruins of Ingapirca.

Ever since we got into the bus at Banos early in the morning, our tour leader Freddy told us it was near to impossible to go and see them coz by the time we got there, it was probably closed and even till this day I still can’t put my finger on it why he didn’t wanted to go and see Ingapirca, but since the major part of our group wanted to see it, we became mutineers and forced Manuel and Freddy to drive us to the Canar province and the small town which bears the same name of the infamous inca ruins. Although Freddy predicted we couldn’t see the ruins, we somehow managed to arrive at the archeological site an hour before closing time, are we great mutineers or what!!!

Still not entirely happy, Freddy went inside the ticket office to get us the entrance tickets and as soon as we were inside, he guided us through the site telling us all about the ways of the incas and as we walked alongside the ruins all the way up to the Temple of the Sun, we had quite a good idea on how the Canari indigenous people and the incas peacefully lived together. Sadly enough, not much is preserved and besides the observatory which has a religious and scientific significance, there are still some traces left behind telling the specialists that the complex played an important role as a fortress and storehouse as well. Even till this day, the locals try to do their best to preserve the remnants by using the traditional building methods, which basically means they get their hands dirty, but on the other hand, they make sure that this magnificent complex doesn’t get lost either, something I can only rejoice!


Once we were back on the road again driving towards Cuenca, the landscapes were still pretty amazing, especially when Manuel decided to take a shortcut into the unknown of which I am sure wasn’t really meant for driving with a very large bus, but as it became darker and darker, I was really looking forward to arriving in the third largest city of Ecuador, which we did a few hours later. Driving up to our hotel shouldn’t be too big of a problem, but as we arrived near our street, we soon noticed that trouble was not far away as people were on strike and closed of one end of our street and if this wasn’t too crazy enough to talk about, there were some serious street works going on as well, but thanks to the ingenuity of Manuel, we managed to arrive at hour hotel at about 8 PM.

Since it was already too late to go out on discovery on our own, me and Tania decided to go for the easy way and joined the rest of our group for dinner in a restaurant not that far away from our hotel. It took a while for everyone to join us at the reception area since there were some problems with certain rooms, but as soon as the whole group was back together again, we could finally go and have dinner, something I could only cheer for since I was starving!

Dinner wasn’t too bad at all and for once Freddy did his best to be a good leader, he even managed to get us a special act. One of the waiters, who happened to be a magician as well, delighted us with some tricks and although it had been quite a long day, thanks to this little bit of entertainment, we all left the place with a smile on our face. As soon as the both of us were back in our room, I was just so tired, that I almost fell asleep in the shower and I was more than looking forward to a good night's rest, when all of a sudden as I wanted to crawl into my bed, I noticed that my foot or more particularly my ankle was really swollen. It seemed that during the day, I got stung by another insect and it seemed that once again I was allergic to it. Just my luck I suppose!

Tania had the same experience a few years back and told me that things could get worse. Since I wasn’t looking forward to staying in our hotel, while the rest of the group was having fun in the NP tomorrow, we both went to the reception area to ask for some “hielo” and after waiting for about 15 minutes, the young guy came back with a big bag of ice for my foot. A little after 1 AM we turned off the lights and while I wanted to sleep, I somehow couldn’t anymore … I was tired as hell, but the thought of getting an ankle with the size of a football, kept me awake almost the entire night!

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