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For the first time since I have been here in the country, I could honestly say that I had a bad night. Although I was very tired and I slept instantly from the moment my head touched my pillow, at about 3 AM, I was suddenly awakened by something crawling around in my bed and to top things of … I got some kind of bite from it as well! How rude!!!!

I tried to kill it, but unlike something big that you can see, I guess it must have been something rather small, like an insect, which left me, and more particularly my leg, with a terrible itch. 

Trying to go back to sleep was a bit of a challenge because of the constant itch, but at long last I did manage, only to be awakened again a few hours later by our alarm clock, which stated loud and clear that we had to get out of our bed for another long day on the road. As soon as we got packed, had breakfast and got our lifejackets on for the very last time, we were ready for another boat ride, the last one here in the jungle. It was a bit sad leaving this amazing place, but after the insect incident last night, I was more than glad to be out of here as well … been there done that!

We must have been on the water for almost half an hour, when we finally noticed our trusty bus and saw Manuel again, who was waiting for us at the shoreline. Glad to be back on "terra firma”, I helped with unloading all of our luggage and as soon as everything was safely stored away in the trunk of the bus, we could finally leave for another day on the road.

Today, we had heaps of driving ahead of us, because of a change in our program. Instead of driving towards Banos, where we were supposed to stay for the next 2 upcoming nights, we are actually going to pass upon this town, only to drive for another 3 hours, all the way up to Guamote, our end destination for today.  In general, this meant that we were going to sit more than 6 hours in our bus today, so the sooner we could leave, the happier we were.

Once back on the road again, we found ourselves alone, which for Freddy was a nice opportunity to show us some nests of birds high up in the trees.

Although it was quite difficult taking pictures of it, I must say that I enjoyed watching those tiny little yellow birds flying in and out their nests, quite a beautiful sight. Half an hour into the drive, it started to rain as well and although we had one quick photo stop to say goodbye to the jungle and hello to another new river called, Rio Pastaza, which basically meant we were moving down towards the south, I was somehow glad to be back inside our bus again. It was raining cats and dogs outside and although we passed through some interesting towns and villages, being Shell one of them, needless to say, the further we got on the road, I finally managed to have a quick cat-nap as well, only to wake up again as we arrived at our first stop of today, “El Pailon del Diablo”.


The Devil’s Cauldron, which is located in the small parish of Rio Verde, is basically a 100 ft waterfall surrounded by green lush environment. Although there are many interpretations of why it is called that way, the strangest of them all is that there are actually people who see through the rock formation and think it looks like the devil itself. I am not seeing it, but the walk down to the waterfall using a few suspension bridges is nothing else but pure enjoyment and I soon forgot that we were walking in the rain.Going upstairs again, was something entirely different coz that’s not really my cup of tea, but surrounded by the beautiful environment with loads of trees and flowers, I did manage. 


Seeing it was lunchtime already, which was actually a bit strange since we did nothing else but sitting in a bus, we drove a few minutes further into the town of Rio Verde, only to stop at a restaurant called “El Maito” which is, according to our tourleader Freddy, a bit known for their beautiful garden, but as soon as we got our food, I must say that they know a bit of that as well. Strangely enough I was a bit hungry, so I ordered a burrito, which was one of the best ones I have ever eaten. This place really got a thumbs up in my book.

As dark clouds were hovering above us, it was as good as time as any to move on again and after half an hour into the drive, we had another quick stop. According to Freddy, the road we were taking is called “La Ruta de las Cascadas”, but till now, we only saw one instead of the dozens we were supposed to see. Since we were used to Freddy saying all kinds of strange things, I must say that I was a bit surprised when we actually saw three other ones, for once he wasn’t wrong and like he promised, it was well worth the stop.


Cascade de Agoyan, is probably one of the oldest falls here in the Andes region and although the water isn’t too high at the moment, it is still an impressive waterfall, which is split into 2 big ones and 1 smaller one.Near the falls there was also a possibility to go for a canopy ride and although me and Tania were interested, we were still a bit hazardous about what to expect. A few older members of our group were keen from the minute we stopped our bus and went straight for it. Since we noticed they'd had so much fun, the both of us went for it as well.  

The sun was shining, we had an awesome view and since today wasn’t exactly a day to die, why not try it.

As soon as we were geared up, there was a split second I had my doubts while standing up that terrible platform, but once we were “released” and flying like a bird, I enjoyed every single minute of it. It was just an awesome experience!

Sadly enough, the fun had to end at some point and whenever everyone who went for a canopy ride returned save and sound, it was time for another 3 hours drive onwards to Guamote.The road we were traveling upon was long and full of beautiful sceneries, but once we passed the city of Riobamba, I had difficulties with keeping my eyes open and I soon fell asleep, only to open them again when we arrived at our last stop of the day at the tiny village of Colta.

At first, I was just thinking this was just one of the many “technical stops” like Freddy loves to call them, but besides it indeed being a bathroom stop for the ones in need, it was also the place where you can find the oldest church in the country, La iglesia de Balbanera, which was built by the Spanish and dates all the way back till 1534.

Since this was but a short stop, we just had a quick look inside the church, went for the bathroom and tried to take some pictures of Chimborazo, on of the highest mountains in Ecuador.At nightfall, we still needed to drive for about an hour till we reached the town of Guamote and our final destination of the day, which we sadly enough for the first time reached in the dark hours. It took a while to get to our hotel “Inti Sisa” which for the moment is run by a Belgian woman called Eva, but as soon as we were indoors, hiding from the cold outside, I felt right at home. Im not saying this because it is run by a fellow compatriot, but I instantly loved the comfy seats, the earth colors she used on the walls, trinkets which could be found throughout the building and I am not beginning to tell about the lovely food she served for dinner.

Tomorrow, we were going to learn more about the different projects of this guesthouse, which was fine by me, because just like most people, ì was completely knackered from a whole day on a bus and at the moment, I was more than happy with a hot shower and a warm comfy bed. Although it was only 10 PM, almost our entire group retired to their assigned rooms and went to bed or at least ... that was what I did!

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