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Promptly at 8 AM in the morning our alarm clock went off and although I was more than interested to see how Santa Cruz was like, the prospect of getting there with a local “lancha” was something completely different. For some reason I am not that great with boats, the water I don’t mind so much, but boats are not really my thing and as soon as I went to breakfast, I noticed that the staff had prepared some eggs … for heaven’s sake, who gives people eggs when they are about to cross a wild sea … this is not good, not good at all!

Because I didn’t want to look unthankful, I just ate a little bit of the egg, but for once during this trip, I wisely enough decided to eat not that much unlike a few others from our group and just hoped that the sea sickness pill I was about to have, will do his magical trick!

With still a bit of time to spare before our pick-up at the hotel, I decided to take things slow and went in some kind of trance hoping that I wouldn’t get sea sick, while Tania wanted to have one last look at the harbor and the local sea lion population and before we knew it was time to leave this island behind us.

Before we could leave, we still had to undergo some serious control at the harbor and although it sounded a bit ridiculous to most of us, here on the islands, people are serious when it concerns the protection of the local fauna and flora and not only our luggage underwent some serious investigation, even our shoes needed to be “screened” as well. 

As soon as we all got cleared, we needed to bring our own luggage on board before we could board ourselves and unlike the cozy small boat we had yesterday, today we were “lucky” enough to sail out on a old looking boat with not too much ventilation … this was just disaster waiting to happen and not only half an hour later, my nightmare became true as the first member of our group got really sea sick!

24 people in a small boat with no fresh air is basically my worst nightmare and although I knew this was going to be my home for the next upcoming 2 hours, the only thing left for me was to close my eyes and say my mantra over and over again! 

Amazingly enough this worked out for me and although I was more than happy to set foot again on solid ground, I was just so glad that unlike a few others of our group, I didn’t get sea sick. After a few hours spending some time in a local “lancha” or speedboat as they call it, I was so glad to breath fresh air again … I made it and more importantly, I survived the roughed sea … yeah me!

Upon our arrival in Santa Cruz, we left the sunny weather behind us as well, as it was raining cats and dogs from the moment we set foot on the island. In a way this was just a shame and as soon as we dropped off our luggage at the hotel, we drove onwards to the centre of the island for another highland tour while in the meantime I hoped the weather would clear up but sadly enough as soon as we arrived at our first stop, it kept on raining.

Los Gemelos, which literally means “twins” in Spanish, are two large craters that were once underground magma chambers. When the magma chambers caved in, they left two huge impressive looking craters and although the weather wasn’t all that good, in a way it made sure you got some kind of spooky feel when you walked around the edge of the crater with loads of fog surrounding it.



As we left the craters behind us, we went for that other highlight here at the island, as we visited a local tortoise breeding centre. Hungry upon arrival, the staff of the centre prepared us some lunch and as soon as we got rid of that feeling, we could go for a small walk. Our guide first divided our group into 2 before she showed us a lava tunnel and told us a little bit more about this phenomenon. As soon as we saw daylight again, we went on the look for that other interesting animal here on the island, the Galapagos Giant turtle and although they look a little bit different than the species on San Cristobal, they are just as cute and they didn’t left us feeling disappointed.


Once we arrived back in Puerto Ayora, the sun was already setting, but Tania and I still wanted to see what the town had to offer and for us this were the pelicans who were fishing near the harbor. For the first time ever, we saw this bird from up close and I was so amazed to see that even when it got darker and darker, he still managed to get his food … this bird really has a good set of eyes, that’s for sure.

By the time it was 8 PM, the both of us went on the lookout for some food as well and ended up at a local Italian restaurant which served surprisingly enough a good pasta. 

Since the night was still young, the both of us just went for a bit of souvenir shopping, but besides loads of looking, not much was bought. Going from one shop to another in the rain can leave a girl feeling hungry so instead of constantly hiding under our umbrellas, we decided to go for a piece of delicious looking apple cake with some hot tea, which actually was a perfect ending for such an interesting day! 

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Thank you so much Zaheeb!

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I'm not going to do a land tour - I'm going to be on a boat. But I don't usually have a problem with seasickness. The best thing to do (according to my husband) is eat crackers and look at the horizon. Also ginger helps.

by greatgrandmaR

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