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day tripping in and around San Christobal

As our alarm clock went off at about 7 AM, I still felt a little bit tired, but the prospect of all the beautiful things we were about to see, made sure I jumped out of bed with a big smile on my face. As soon as I got dressed, had a bit of food into my system as well as that unavoidable sea sickness pill, I only needed my flippers and I was as good as ready!

It seemed that not only me and Tania were looking forward to this trip, even the rest of our group had a smile on their face and as we walked towards the harbor to catch our boat, the local sea lions where there as well to wish us a very pleasant trip.

Since we are such a large group, we weren’t able to fit into one boat, so the travel agency divided us into two groups, of which one consisted out of 18 people and a smaller one of about 6 people. Me and Tania, together with 4 others were going to be the small group and since our little group consisted out of likeminded people, I knew this was going to be a perfect morning.

As soon as we set out sailing and left the harbor behind us, we sailed a bit around the island as we were looking out for some birdlife and we weren’t disappointed coz even after sailing for about 15 minutes, we saw our first frigate birds, herons, pelicans and even blue footed boobies! 

It took us about an hour to reach the small islet of Isla Lobos and although it is but a small one, our guide was more than lyrical about not only the birdlife we were going to see as well as the other amazing animals living in this area. As soon as we set foot ashore, we were greeted by a few small marine iguanas and thanks to the interesting words of our guide, we soon learned more about this species, as well as loads of others as we crossed a rough nest of a frigate bird in one the many low trees. As if this wasn’t amazing enough, standing not more than a meter away from a peculiar looking blue footed booby was more than awesome and unreal at the same time as well!


While we were walking on the islet, it was like if we were walking through a zoo without the usual cages coz not only did we encounter about a dozen of local birds in the air and on the ground, we even had fun watching a sea lion colony basking in the sun, saw a frigate bird inflating his red throat sac for a female, a mother blue footed booby protecting her chick and last but not least an iguana showing off and pretending he was bigger than us humans … all in all a more than successful morning.


Upon our arrival back on the boat, the crew did their best to provide us a few simple snacks so that we had a bit of food into our system before we could start the second part of our program which was a short snorkeling trip around the islet.

Although I was a bit afraid of the cold water, I was more than pleasantly surprised to notice that the water was actually warm, which sadly enough was another “El Nino" phenomenon and just because of this reason it was a bit difficult to see all the fish. Nevertheless, I had the time of my life and although at times it was a bit difficult to see the smaller examples, the big ones like for example the parrot fish and such were more than recognizable and when you actually have the opportunity to swim alongside some local sea lions, you know this counts as a day you will never forget … this was definitely such a day. Once back on board after more than an hour of snorkeling, we were spoiled rotten again by our crew who provided a simple yet yummy lunch of rice, chicken and some greens. Just before we went back to the harbor again, our captain dropped us off at a small white sandy beach, where we could bask in the sun as well as the sea lions who showed us how to do it … this was definitely worth getting sunburned, that’s for sure!


As we arrived back into our hotel room, we saw no sign of “el Jefe” and as soon as we changed into some other clothes and left our swimmers to dry in the bathroom, we were on our way again for an afternoon into the highlands.
 We started out booking this trip with just three persons, being me, Tania and Bert, but by the time we arrived at the diving shop, we had 3 more followers and with the six of us, we drove off towards the centre of the island which is also known as the “highland" and although the weather was nice and sunny when we left the town, as soon as we were driving towards the middle of the island, this all changed for the worse, which unabled us to see the infamous El Junco lagoon which sadly enough was covered with fog. How sad this actually was, there were still some other things to see and instead of mourning about this one thing, we drove further into the centre and visited the Galapaguera Tortoise Center where we not only had the pleasure of seeing some giant turtles, but at the same time learned a little bit more about these gentle giants.

As soon as we said goodbye to these cute animals, we had one more stop at Puerto Chino beach, which is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches of the islands and although it would have been nice to go for a swim, by the time we arrived, the sun was almost setting so instead we just admired the beauty that surrounded us.


It was already pretty dark when we arrived back in town and since we didn’t had anything to eat except on the boat, we were pretty hungry as well. We started out looking for something suitable to eat but for some reason ended back at the pizza place we had such great food yesterday and instead of going for a second round of pizza, this time we went for a delicious burger and a dessert as well. 

The three of us were just so intrigued when we read that they’d had a lava cake on offer that we had to try it and OMG, this was just to die for and if I have to be honest, this was definitely the best dessert I had throughout this entire holiday here in South America!

With our tummies filled, we strolled for a while through the main street and visited a few souvenir shops before heading back towards our room, where we once again had a small encounter not only with “el Jefe” but with his friend “el Capitan” as well … before we went to bed making sure our 2 roommates were secured into a dark place, we managed to get packed as well and this all before the clock turned 12 PM. The only thing we could dream of was that our roaches would turn into a couple of princes, but I guess that would be a very strange fairy tale, so instead I just closed my eyes and hoped I would survive our island crossing in the morning!

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I would have been happier with the smaller group also. You were lucky. But such a great adventure

by littlesam1

My daughter-in-law really wants to see the blue footed boobies. I did think that the water would be cold.

by greatgrandmaR

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